Inclusive Marketing: Growth Traffic & Boost Brand Reputation by Improving Website Accessibility

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As in all area of marketing, accessibility and inclusivity on your website are good for business- boosting revenue, market share and customer loyalty. Globally, 15% of people have a recognized disability and brands could open up a £5.9tn opportunity by creating a culture of inclusive design and delivering accessible digital  experiences. New regulations also make...

1 in 3 People Say a Simple Business Card is Best

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One in three people believe a no-frills business card works best. This means a business card with a straightforward design that conveys only essential information. Four in 10 people say their perception of a business has been negatively impacted by the quality or design of its cards. Online printing specialists Instant Print unveiled these statistics... Has a New DIY Website Builder

Date:  Comments: 0, providers of domain name registration and web development services, has announced the launch of an easy-to-use DIY website builder. The new website builder enables businesses to create well-designed and impactful websites and online stores with ease, affordability and without delay. The website builder is available to all new customers of the brand, including...