Today I have some blogging resources to help you improve your reach and interactions.

Whether you are an author, business or brand you need readers in order to grow your influence online. Using the right tools will add value to your content and cut your time in half. Would you like to attract more subscribers to your blog? Take advantage of these great resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Quick and professional content in one minute – Article Forge

Would you like to improve the quality of your content, but can’t afford a professional writer? Article Forge is an AI-based platform that provides professional and reliable articles for your website in under one minute. Get access to original, on-topic, high quality topics such as technology, business, health, and more. Simply enter a targeted keyword and the software does all of the writing for you.

2) Increase your content reach – Mix

Spread the word on your blog posts while discovering other great content for your blog. Mix is a tried and true aggregate of videos, content, and images recommended by readers. Find the best hidden gems on the Internet while filtering out all of the noise. The tool is available for free in major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

3) All-in-one SEO toolbar – MozBar

Gain more insights on your website’s search engine ranking, social shares, online authority, and whether your optimization is correct all from one toolbar. MozBar is easy to install on Google Chrome, and provides a tool at the top of your browser that allows the user to analyze their content and the competition. Not only are there metrics for SEO, but also for social media.

4) Share your knowledge – LinkedIn SlideShare

If your blog needs a fresh blend of new content then why not try re-purposing your old posts into a video slideshow? Visuals like these can help attract more subscribers and social media fans and followers. LinkedIn SlideShare is easy to set up after connecting with your account. After creating a PDF of your content simply upload with a short, catchy headline and description and keywords then publish.

Hopefully you will find these blogging tools useful to your content marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.

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